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Our midwives and nurse practitioner will care for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.  You will have unhurried appointments where your midwife gets to really know you and listen to your needs.  We're here to walk with you through this journey. We take the time to really educate and empower you throughout your pregnancy.  Also, should your pregnancy become high risk, our consulting physician Dr. Dolkart is right across the hall.  We will continue to care for you, together with Dr. Dolkart. 



Deliveries are at Arnot Ogden Medical Center.  We work with you to get you the delivery YOU want.  Whether that's dim lighting, and soft music while you labor only in the tub or an epidural as soon as you walk in the door.  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer you the option of a VBAC.   We are here for you, throughout your labor and delivery. 


Done right in our office by our certified sonographer Bridget.  An ultrasound will be done early, usually at your first visit to confirm the pregnancy and determine a reliable due date. You'll be able to hear the baby's heart beat at this first ultrasound.  Later you will have an ultrasound where your baby will be screened for any potential problems. You will be able to see your baby's face, and can find out the sex if you desire. You will receive 3D pictures at each ultrasound.  Bridget carefully screens for any abnormalities.  You can be completely confident in her care. 
Gender Reveal Ultrasound
We're now offering early gender reveal ultrasounds starting at 16 weeks. The fee for the "Sneak Peak" scan is $150, cash or credit only for payment. This ultrasound is NOT part of your routine prenatal care, therefore insurance will not pay for the scan. 


Primary Women's Care

We strive to take care of women throughout their lifespan.  We offer complete annual exams to include routine pap smears. We also offer medication management, birth control, STD screening and treatment. Thinking about having a baby? Come see us for a preconception appointment where we'll discuss your individual needs.